I am never NOT studying something in the way of psychology/subtle energies/quantum physics/theology/philosophy among many other things. I have an inborn curiosity about pretty much any/everything and can often be lost in thought and or the web for hours if not days! I actually look forward to my service to you and ‘work’ as a means of grounding me … seriously.  *smile*

Below you will find a detailed list of the certifications and education I have formally undergone.

* Certified Reiki Level III/Shinpiden [Master] in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Tradition as of January 3, 2011 thru Don Beckett of Reiki Johrei Macrobiotics

* Certified Reiki Level I/II / in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition as of 2006 thru Shirley and Jack Sicsko at Yoga West. I have been practicing self treatment everyday since.

*Attuned to Master Level of Kundalini Reiki as of April 3, 2011* … these were self attunements. I got quite the headache! It took me through the levels very quickly from 4/1-4/3 and I have been practicing with this enhanced Reiki daily since that time.

* Certified Flower Essence Therapist as of 2003 from the Northeast Holistic Center

My training and certification included a year long experiential discipline through the 38 Bach Flower essences, as well as FES, Alaskan and Spirit in Nature [formally Master’s] essences. I used them, lived and embodied them. Different essences were compared and contrasted as personal case studies. It was a fascinating experience and it solidified my desire to work with these amazingly gentle therapeutic tools. I have been using and studying essences since 1998.

* Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals

* Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery

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