Reiki, is a spiritual practice and healing technique originating from Japan circa 1922, although throughout history there are many other similar disciplines all relating back to the channeling of a person’s Ki/Qi/Prana, otherwise referred to as the vital life sustaining force/energy. Everything, everyone, everywhere is made up of this vital energy. The practice of Reiki seeks to bring a person’s, or things, personal Ki back into it’s own natural balance.
This is done by a gentle laying on of hands, through the auric field just above the body as well as over/through long distance. All sessions are done clothed. Reiki is used to reduce stress, calm mind and body and is useful in reducing pain through deep relaxation. It is an excellent aid in meditation and enhances any spiritual pathway through session or self-practice.
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Contact Me if you would like to schedule a session. I am available for session work through Skype or email, as well as in person. I prefer Skype however as we can then interact personally. It’s free! and can be downloaded HERE [SKYPE]

Sessions are offered for 30 or 60 minutes and cost $40 and $80


If you order a package there is a discount!

***  A full month [4 weeks] of  30 minute Reiki sessions, once a week

*** An acute needs  package of daily 30 minute Reiki sessions for 7 days

*** Packages may be discussed as your needs dictate and in combination with any education, mentoring or intuitive work.

Please refer to Training and Mentoring for instructional pricing.

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