About Gayle

I AM …

Simply Me.

… a visionary writer, spiritual and energy alchemist, consultant, a warm hug on a bleak day, and the least judgmental person you will ever meet.

My gifts are in the arts of the subtle energies, intuition and bringing both of these to life in healing practice, art and word.

I use the practice of Reiki, and other Lightworker subtle energy techniques including flower essences and, more importantly, possess a loving motherly listening heart and ear to help you find balance and grounding in your own life. People tend to open up to be easily and I nurture that trust with great reverence.
I am able to wrap you in mental, emotional and spiritual blankets and will serve you the revitalizing elixir of love, one blessed breath at a time. Here and Now.

I am a comfort to be with. Everything I am and everything I do is nondenominational [but with Zen Hindu/Buddhist leanings] yet profoundly spiritual. I am a trained/certified Usui Reiki Master/Jourei/Shinki/Flower Essence practitioner … all which can be viewed on the Credentials page. Most of what I do comes from a relaxed conversation with you. So, if this resonates with/for you, then please … let’s talk!

I write honestly about my path and journey in my Journal/Blog and explore my creative muse through images[my own photography and found images/art] and creative writing on Daily Muse.

Always feel free to Contact Me.

With love and the wish that you may awaken to the light of your true nature, Namaste.

Stay In Touch …  <3 Gayle

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